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L&Lj's Past, Present and Future:

L&Lj's Clubhouse was founded with passion, joy and a genuine love for all creatures. We have been caring for other peoples pets for years, and have experience professionally in the pet care industry. We look forward to our journey, but our hearts have and will always belong to the pets we get the pleasure of caring for. Every service requested and every booking we take, reminds us of how lucky we are that this is not only our reality, but also our future.  Take a moment to get to know the people behind L&Lj's below!



Lori Jean

Luke has professional experience working as an animal care specialist at the SPCA and has completed and certified in the "Fear Free Shelter" program. He has cared for a wide range of animals from your typical house pets to exotic animals including: reptiles, rodents and birds.

Lori is a certified Pet First Aid Instructor with professional experience as an assistant manager at a local dog daycare as well as working at a grooming salon.  She's also received certification in the University of Edinburgh's "Animal Behavior and Welfare" program.

Certifications & Memberships

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